About Motor City Pride

Motor City Pride is a 501(c)(3) association formed to host the annual Festival and Parade along with other community events to bring people together to celebrate our advancement in equality while working towards our goal of full equality for all Michigan Residents. Motor City Pride’s activities are designed to illustrate how Michigan is a vibrant state for us to live, work, raise our families, and to have fun.


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Jeynce Poindexter

God's Child, Motivational Speaker, Activist

Mimi Gonzalez

Poet, Comic, Go Girl Saugatuck!


Entertainer & Activist

Our Performers


Laura Rain and The Caesars

A tough, hard-working American city is reinventing itself as a vibrant incubator of ideas and creation. Back from decades of neglect, Detroit has returned to the forefront on the world stage. Adventurers, investors, artists, and young entrepreneurs are flocking to the Motor City, bringing with them energy, creativity, and innovation. The city and its people are inspired again.

Laura Rain is a product of her environment, a hard-driving soul singer who uses the power and finesse of her own voice to inspire and electrify your spirit. Born and raised in Detroit, she delivers her original songs with fearless emotion and excitement. Backed by her band the Caesars, she delivers a unique blend of modern funky soul and blues worthy of Detroit’s rich history of creative innovators.

It is the Motor City where Aretha Franklin, Parliament-Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye all lived and created. A town where singers are continually influencing and defining the world around themselves. Laura Rain creates her own environment of expression through her music. Having released four albums of all original music since 2013, the band blends their favorite elements of funky ‘60s organ jazz, lowdown blues, dance music, old-school R&B, and soul. Laura and producer-songwriter George Friend have created a unique style, winning a prestigious Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Blues Songwriters” and touring the U.S. Canada and Europe. Laura Rain’s voice soars as she weaves her own path through a classic, but thoroughly modern, funky sound, reinventing the gospel, blues, and soul that the city made famous.


Chris Canas Band

Chris Canas “Detroit’s Prince Of The Blues” was born on July 18th, 1984 to Angela and Lenard Cottingham. He has grown with music in his life whether it be his Mom singing to him or taking him to see Ray Charles at Hart Plaza or his Dad singing and dancing him to sleep as a kid. Music is part of his very soul and is the main reason he has grown into such a musical person today. His first true instrument was discovered when he chose a Coronet over all other instruments because he was too shy to speak up and claim the Saxophone in 5th grade. But he loved it nonetheless and treated it as if the sounds he could make were doubling as a musical release as well as a therapeutic one. Chris quickly rose through the rankings of 5th grade band only to find his music instructor David Drake promoted him to Jazz band. It was this move to Jazz that truly piqued Chris’ interest in another realm of music. While in Jazz band Chris played all over eventually landing with the Ann Arbor School for the Performing Arts group. He primarily joined the jam portion of the group and performed at Bird of Paradise, the Firefly Club, Top of The Park, and even The Ann Arbor Art Fair on numerous occasions. He was being primed to follow in the footsteps of Miles, Monk, Baker, Parker, and Marsalis. But something happened to this young man at the tender age of 10 that was just starting to boil over. The Blues had taken him and it wasn’t going to ever let him go. Chris’ Uncle Jamerson rolled up in a Cherry Red T-Top Camaro and was bumping BB King’s “Thrill Is Gone” with all his speaker systems might, and an innocent shy boy immediately began his transition into a Blues Man.

The Chris Canas Band can be seen blazing a trail in the Metro Detroit  area and beyond.  In 2007 the Chris Canas Band won their first Blues Competition when they competed in the West Michigan Blues Society’s challenge. They also won the Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association challenge in 2010, the Detroit Blues Society challenge in 2012 as well as 2014. They reached the top of the mountain in 2020 at the IBC to become an elite Blues Challenge Finalist. Detroit’s Prince Of The Blues has put together a who’s who of veteran musicians over the years and has learned many many lessons the long hard way to help keep the blues alive and moving forward for all music lovers. The Chris Canas Band has a well  blended set of classic covers and clever, roller coaster like originals that keep the audience captivated and coming back for more. With their diverse mix of Blues, Funk, and Soul they are always well equipped to bring the party wherever they go and have the dance moves to boot. With heart-wrenching vocals, pulse pounding rhythms, and an electric energy that can be felt in the air, this band is unstoppable. Don’t miss an opportunity to see the CCB “LIVE” and in the flesh. Do your Soul a favor and feed it some hot Bluesberry Pie with a side order of fresh cut Funk and a tall glass of Soul! The Chris Canas Band is available as an Acoustic Solo-Duo as well as a full band. The CCB is driven to pump new life into “The Blues” as well as embracing the rich traditional roots of the past. So with all that said we have one question for ya. 



The Band "Mint"

The Band Mint is Detroit Proud and their spiritual path is fun. They blend uncut psychedelic funk and old school hip-hop. Their diverse sound has won them an equally diverse following. This is their third time’s a charm bracelet playing Pride and they are honored to be a part of this first of its kind event.


Dani Darling

Some people are what we call, “old souls”. They have a touch of nostalgia or grace that runs deep. You can feel this phenomenon in the words and vocals of Dani Darling; a jazzy chanteuse from Ann Arbor, MI with an experimental lo-fi sound that is intimate and poetic. Her influences are Billie Holiday, Old Hollywood movie scores, love, and the Universe – but this singer/songwriter’s goal isn’t to take you back in time; its to bring you into her whimsical world where time is like an old tune made new. She has worked as a collaborating artist with The Black Opera as “SoulGalaxyGirl”, and is Current Magazine’s “Artist to Watch in 2019”. She performs with her band “the Dreamers”, and has just released her first official single and video “2:22” to critical acclaim from Nylon Magazine, and The Singers Room. “2:22” was also selected for screening at the A2 Tech Film Festival January 2019. Darling recently released “nocturne.” a lo-fi dream sequence EP from which the jazzy tune “sentimental.” was featured on a Tidal: Rising playlist. Photo credit: Kyla McGrath


Rocky Wallace

To understand the essence of singer/songwriter Rocky Wallace it is important to know that she was singing before she could talk. Her first childhood memories were surrounded by music and an intense longing to sing.

She would have to sing. Her mom convinced a local music school near Detroit to provide voice lessons to a young student named Rocky.  And then everything changed.  “I started taking classical lessons in middle school and then gospel later on,” said Rocky.  “I couldn’t wait to learn it all.  Today, my influences span every genre and era of music. I have a deep fascination with singers and their techniques and study how they develop their unique vocal style.”

Rocky’s musical influences include: Stevie Nicks, Ella Fitzgerald,  Amy Winehouse, Susan Tedeschi, Carrie Underwood, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Aretha Franklin.

She may have influences but Rocky aspires to sound like no one else. “Someone once told me the best compliment they ever received was when a fan told them, ‘you sound like you.’  That’s something that always stuck with me in developing my own sound. There’s no one else I strive to sound like but me.”

Listen to Rocky and you will know that this is her truth.




The Gasoline Gypsies

In the past couple of years, the Gypsies have racked up five Detroit Music Awards in Rock and Americana, been deemed one of the “Three Best Unsigned Bands in the USA” by JBL, were Grand Prize Winners of the 2017 Michigan State Fair Superstar contest and voted Best Original Rock Band in the 2018 WDIV Local 4 Detroit Viewers Poll. They also are now garnering regular radio airplay outside the Midwest, most notably in the Triangle markets of North and South Carolina, and now expanding west. The Vagabundos, the Gypsies multi-generational, highly active and loyal fan tribe, (named for their most recent EP release,) are a main driving force behind the band, following them to destination gigs and festivals all over the country


J. Santino

J.Santino is a Singer-Songwriter based out of Detroit, MI, He brings to the table an electric pop sound with an urban feel. He is a fresh face to the “Motor City” with an eclectic groove that entices audiences from all walks of life.