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Motor City Pride is a 501(c)(3) association formed to host the annual Festival and Parade along with other community events to bring people together to celebrate our advancement in equality while working towards our goal of full equality for all Michigan Residents. Motor City Pride’s activities are designed to illustrate how Michigan is a vibrant state for us to live, work, raise our families, and to have fun.


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Pride Art

Mighty Real Queer Detroit

MCP appreciates the assistance of Mighty Reel Queer Detroit for assisting us with our Artists Gallery. The premise of Mighty Real/Queer Detroit is to gather together, for the first time, a grand-scale representation of the range and depth of Detroit queer art - and then, through panels, essays, and a printed catalogue inspire reflection and discussion. The exhibition will highlight the diversity of the LGBTQA Detroit community and aims to empower, affirm, and transcend via the artwork exhibited. The exhibition will explore queer art by emerging and established Detroit artists. Celebrating artists, past and present, from Detroit and its metropolitan area, whose works manifest distinct but intersecting backgrounds.

Maeve McCarron Quinn

Hi Friends: I'm a bright optimistic hippie! I work in a Mental Health and grew up in a family owned art gallery. My grandparents were my biggest supporters in my painting. I love painting the beautiful Michigan lakes and putting a twist on the animals I paint. I primarily paint acrylic on canvas.

Lisa Rice

Just looking to find the beauty in everyday things.

Darrin (Dag) Marzorati

My name is Darrin Gerard Marzorati, my friends call me Dag. I've been working as a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, and musician for the past 35 years. Back in 1998, I came out while living in the Castro, San Fransisco. My life changed and so did my art.
A participating artist with Mighty Real Queer Detroit

Jan Brown

BFA from MSU with a printmaking emphasis; MA from EMU Teacher in Wayne-Westland schools for 35 years. Retired in 2010 and started a pursuit into abstract painting. In 2015 the figure called her and since then she's been working to blend figurative with abstract.
A participating artist with Mighty Real Queer Detroit

Renee McCoy

Renee McCoy is an activist and ceramic artist from Detroit who experiences clay as a conduit for spirituality. She continues addressing LGBTQ and social justice issues in Detroit through Full Truth Fellowship Church, which she founded 30 years ago. She currently lives and makes art in Seattle, WA.

Peter Sparling

Peter Sparling is U-M Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Dance. A graduate of Interlochen and Juilliard, he danced with José Limón and Martha Graham and directed his own dance company. His videos have been screened globally. He has shown his paintings in three solo exhibits.

Cece Alaniz

LGBT artist from Jackson, MI. Specializes in acrylic portrait paintings, anime and abstract art.
A participating artist with Mighty Real Queer Detroit

John Gutoskey

My artwork looks critically at and comments upon the personal, political, and social issues affecting the LGBTQ community. I ground my work in queer theory to shine a spotlight on queerness, queer culture & history, and what it means to be queer in contemporary society.
A participating artist with Mighty Real Queer Detroit

Bryan Hoffman

I am a self taught artist. I was born in Michigan. but I truly came into my own when I moved to N.Y.C. in 1980 to pursue a career in fashion. There, I had the incredible good fortune to work for Bill Blass. In 2000 I returned to Michigan where I continue to paint and find inspiration.
A participating artist with Mighty Real Queer Detroit

Kaiden Dunn

Kaiden Dunn is a queer artist who creates mixed media artwork with scanner beds, fake flowers, and drawings/illustrations. He draws a lot of inspiration from nature and life experiences.

Nick Indigo Szydlo

nick indigo szydlo is an artist living/working in Detroit, Michigan. Their practice mashes printmaking, painting, poetry, ritual, and fiber art in a way that is as colorful, psychedelic and fun as is it transformative, serious and dark.

Sean Rhaesa

Sean Rhaesa is a graphic artist working for Associated Newspapers for 30 years as production manager, art director and general manager. He volunteers as the Director of Public Safety for Motor City Pride and Produces the Michigan LGBTQ Comedyfest. He serves as secretary of MCP board of directors.
A participating artist with Mighty Real Queer Detroit

Stephanie Holloway

Stephanie is a lifelong artist and student of art. She began with figure drawing, went on to drawing and painting and even photography. After falling in love with charcoal and chalk pastels she has not looked back. Abstract work left open to individual interpretation best describes her and her work.
A participating artist with Mighty Real Queer Detroit

Jozie Bullard

Hi, my name is Lauren Bullard but! you can call me Jozie. I am a Detroit based Illustrator and 2020 graduate from the College for Creative Studies. My work is heavily inspired by music, diversity, the LGBTQ community, culture, nature, fashion, and many other elements around me.
A participating artist with Mighty Real Queer Detroit

House of Kofi

House of Kofi is an independent comic book artist and writer with a love for fashion and style.

Jamie Feldman

Feldman’s photos seen around the world were recorded from rural to urban centers and from the White House to the Knesset in Jerusalem. Images are captured with integrity and sincerity to enlighten and make a difference with a unique perspective.

Tih Penfil

This would be my 32nd DMCP, started as security in the parking structure in Royal Oak when Michael Lary had the festival. I'm the last involved member from the original days. I've been photographing MCP for about 20 years along with my other responsibilities. I've moved from being responsibility from being security for the entertainers to being primarily photographer on sight during the festival (w/ a myriad of other jobs). I'm the head photographer for the National Women's Martial Arts Federation and I've been a photo archivist for Puppeteers of America since 1983. My day job was a Special Education Teacher and Registered Art Therapist for 40 years; retired 5 years ago.